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Worm Count

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Rotational deworming every few months was thought to be the best way to control parasite infestations in horses. Unfortunately, this has led to drug resistant parasites. No new class of anthelmintics “deworming medications” have reached the market in the last 25 years and no new medications are currently in development. Be sure to Test First!

It used to be simple… deworm your horse every 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, years of blindly administering chemicals has created the Superworm! Researchers now say that all of our current deworming products will eventually lose their effectiveness – we must change the way we manage parasites.

Only 20% of horses carry 80% of the worm. This means that an astonishing 80% of horses are being wormed when they don't need to be! Using a worm egg count instead of wormers means that your horse or pony will only have the chemicals that they actually need.

Many owners are with out realising under dosing, through underestimation of body weight, this means not all the worms are being killed increasing the number of resistant worms.

Rotational deworming every few months was thought to be the best way to control parasite infestations in horses. Unfortunately, this has led to drug resistant parasites. With no new medications currently in development. Carrying out worm egg counts is in the interest of all horse owners, to ensure that currently available wormers stay as effective as possible for as long as possible.

So Please Don’t Just Treat ….. Test First!

Following a worming programme does not guarantee that your horse will be free of parasites.

Growing resistance to some worming drugs means that they may not be effective for your horse. With no new worming drugs available this can only get worse in years to come.

Sometimes only one horse in the herd can be affected, by using regular worm counts you can identify any parasite problems so they can be correctly treated.

Even if you decide you still need a full worming programme, you should still do an annual worm count to make sure your programme is working. The best time will be spring or autumn when worming is due

  • Annual check – To make sure your current worming programme is working
  • Check for resistance - wormcount before worming then again 14 days after worming. There should be a 90-95% decrease eggs shown any less can mean there is resistance to the chemical used.
  • Moving Yards – This will enable you to show the yard owner that your horse is ready to turn out rather than having to re worm again
  • To check that that your horse is not shedding eggs onto the grazing area and so contaminating the pasture, creating recurring problems for you and other owners.
  • To check that the worming and pasture management strategy which you are using is successfully controlling the parasites.

  • A worm count is really a worm egg count (WEC) also called a faecal egg count(FEC).
    A small sample of dung is prepared and examined under the microscope to find out how many worm eggs are present. We test each sample twice for accuracy.
    Our sample kit contains:
  • Instructions
  • Submission form
  • Sample bag
  • Gloves
  • Pre-Addressed envelope
  • No time limit between purchasing and sending
  • All samples are double tested for accuracy and the results are emailed to you within 24hrs of us receiving the sample.

    We email you your results and tell you what if any eggs where present and how many.
    Our method of sampling is sensitive to an accuracy of 25 epg. (epg means eggs per gram)

    <25 epg - No eggs could be found in the sample - it does not mean your horse is worm free, however no action is needed.
    Less than 200 epg - A low count - no action is needed.
    200-1200 epg - A medium count - worming is required.
    More than 1200 epg - Indicates a high count. Your current programme needs to be re evaluated and a resistance test is recommended

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